Surety Search Partners is the new name for an enterprise (William W. Kenney Associates) that was launched 30 years ago. We were then, and are now, committed to searching for and placing surety underwriting professionals across the country. For a quarter of a century we have built strong relationships with client companies and candidates. We have studied the culture of our clients and have recruited candidates that best match up with our clients’ needs.

Without regard to race, religion, gender or age, we have sought to find those candidates who are the most qualified to meet the challenges of the positions for which we recruit. Confidentiality, professionalism and some humor mark our approach to both our clients and candidates. We appreciate the concern candidates might have in divulging personal information to a recruiter who they don’t know very well. We listen to what the candidates tell us, their aspirations and their hesitations, and counsel them as to the risks and rewards in making career choices.

But of course, we as recruiters don’t reach out to surety professionals as mere job counselors. We are there to tell a story. A story of opportunity for them at our client company. A story that could mean advancement in responsibilities and compensation. A story that could change the course of their careers. That for us is the most satisfying part of what we do.