If you are discontented in your current employment situation and want to explore career opportunities in surety, we welcome a call from you. If you are doing well in your job, respected by management and peers, and satisfied with your compensation package, we also welcome a call from you.

The best time to look at a career move is when you are at the top of your game. For when you are self-confident and successful, you are in the best position to evaluate other positions that may be a better challenge for your future.


Initial Contact

Call Bill Kenney at 774-773-9114

We will review your employment history, get a feel for your priorities and share with you our approach to recruiting.

If there is a mutual interest in working together, we would then ask you to send your resume to us. In the meantime, we will review the current job market in your area, and also explore the possible hidden job market there. If you are open to relocation, we will look into other regions of the country where there might be opportunities.

Please click here to use our online contact form.


We will review your resume. We might make suggestions for revisions or additional information.

We will maintain confidentiality and only those companies that you designate will see your resume. We never market resumes to companies. We don’t do business that way.

If we find an opportunity with a company that may match your interests, we will contact you. We will then ask for your approval to release the resume to one of our client companies in the strictest of confidence.

If there is an interest in your candidacy from our client company, and you decide to take the first step with them, we will set up a phone interview. From that point to a possible offer down the line, we will be in close contact with you and our client company.