While the surety industry is a small one, compared to other segments of the property-casualty insurance world, it produces over 5 billion dollars of revenue.

Construction related surety business has been hit hard in the past three years, given the state of our nation’s economy. But the need for non-construction bonds is as strong as ever. Many companies have been increasing staff on that side of the business. As our nation’s economy begins to rebound, and as federal and state infrastructure projects become top priorities, the surety industry will be looking for more underwriters. Already in the past year we are seeing new companies come into the surety marketplace, confident that the economy will return to health, and that construction will be robust once again. The need for smart surety underwriters and managers will be acute. Surety Search Partners stands ready to help.

When it comes to recruiting surety professionals, some insurance companies depend on advertising or they contract with large recruiting firms where surety searches are only a sideline. Other companies will turn to surety recruiters who understand the industry and who can move quickly to find candidates who are qualified for the positions. That is the issue: connecting with candidates who are qualified. And that’s where we come in.

Through our interviews, Surety Search Partners seeks to understand the candidate’s experience, but also the style, the aptitude, the attitude and the temperament. These are the aspects of qualification that enable us to make a better match for the company’s culture and personnel requirements.